JNA recognizes the challenges credit executives face on a daily basis and the importance of maximizing your financial position in the marketplace. Proper cash flow management is always important for any organization. As a full service provider, JNA can provide a strategy that will effectively manage your A/R from the beginning of the collection process until the account is paid in full allowing you to focus your attention on your core business.

JNA provides customized Outsourcing solutions to companies that do not have the necessary resources to effectively address 100% of their receivables. We provide the skilled staff to call as representatives of your company to quickly and effectively collect your invoices while maintaining the goodwill of the customer Customers will receive the daily attention necessary and be handled just as if they were calling the client directly to make this a seamless solution. Our Outsourcing services will prevent accounts from becoming delinquent, lower your DSO, improve cash flow, and reduce your operating expenses.