JNA has been providing expert debt collection services for over three decades on every continent, and in more than 100 countries.

Our core business is collecting client receivables as quickly and effectively as possible. Utilizing the latest technology, collection programs and industry-trained collection professionals we are able to provide a customized accounts receivable approach, ensuring superior results and client satisfaction.

Each JNA collector is a specialist in his or her industry as well as cross-trained on various other industries. Rigorous and ongoing training ensures that every JNA collector is skilled in the most current collection techniques and knowledgeable of the governing laws. With this knowledge, JNA can stay a step ahead of a debtor and their attorney!

Our multilingual collection specialists will directly contact the debtor in an effort to resolve the account in-house. If our collector determines that further action is needed, we work with a network of Commercial Law League attorneys with the experience and knowledge of local laws and customs that enable them to expeditiously resolve accounts in a professional and diplomatic manner. Our staff will continue to oversee all activities and choose attorneys that have a proven track record, and those that offer the best possible rates.

Whether the debtor is around the block or on the other side of the globe, you may rest assured that your claims will be handled by highly skilled collection specialists with the knowledge and tools to effectively serve your global collection needs.